PE Spill Catcher Mat



Designed to make Protection for Plant Easier, Quicker & Cleaner than ever before 

The PE Spill Catcher comes complete with two pieces, a container bund & EcoMat insert, both containing ProCleanSorb. The EcoMat is truly absorbent meaning an end to wringing out. The bund's side walls capture contaminants, while letting clean water through, so when it rains there is no more struggling to empty it. 

Environmental Protection - Placed underneath plant on construction sites, Spill Catcher absorbs leaks and spills 

  • Absorbent - Side walls & the EcoMat insert contain ProCleanSorb, water passes through it while oils & chemicals are absorbed 

  • Leakproof - The container floor is leakproof 

  • Robust - Manufactured from robust geotextile 

  • Clean & Easy Disposal - The mat insert stays dry to the touch after use, so can simply be rolled up & disposed of without mess 

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