Low hazard alternatives to
commonly used industrial solvents.

Purasolve represents our high-performance, low hazard industrial bio-solvent range that replaces toxic & dangerous products such as MEK, Acetone, or products with cancer forming carcinogens such as Benzene & its derivatives.
Low hazard, however, doesn’t mean low performance! All our solvents are specifically formulated to reduce worker health risks, therefore requiring little if any PPE.
Furthermore, with specially designed non-corrosive & recyclable formulations they can be reused for years, reducing chemical inventory & dramatically lowering disposal & environmental compliance costs.
Our Purasolve range offers the below unique Performance Advantages: 
  • High-Tech Parts Washing Solutions
  • Developed to Replace Dangerous Solvents for Parts Cleaning
  • Lasts for a minimum of 18 months when used with Purasolve Filters
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Non-Flammable & Non-Explosive
  • No Bacteria or Enzymes
  • Extreme Grease Removing Action
  • Improved Worker Health & Safety
  • Reduced PPE requirement
  • Safe for use with bearings, seals & rubber elastomers

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A single Purasolve Eversafe unit can replace virtually all your aerosol products with lower cost bulk chemicals. The system is endlessly reusable & eliminates the hazardous waste caused by aerosol can use. Unlike disposable spray cans it uses only inert compressed air as propellant which drastically reduces fire & explosion risks compared to traditional aerosols.




Our Re-fillable, adjustable Atomiser Sprayer & Power-Fill re-fill station is a safer, cost effective & all-round smarter alternative to traditional aerosols.


Purasolve Surface Prep Product Usage Guide

Purasolve Surface Prep User Guide

Purasolve Surface Prep User Guide
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Surface cleaning solvents

Surface cleaning solvents - Why Vapour Pressure & Flashpoint are important?

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Understanding the difference between Dangerous Goods & Hazardous substances

The difference is reasonably well explained in the following article:


Purasolve Products

Drum Pump


<p>This drum pump is for dispensing liquids from 20 Litre drums.</p> <p>It dispenses 30mL with every pump action.</p> <p>It suits a 58mm drum opening, which is the standard size for our 20L drums.</p>

Drum Tap


<p>The drum tap is designed to screw into the bung hole of 15L and 20L drums, providing leak-free storage and easy dispensing of chemicals. This drum tap is suitable for all Triple7 and ActiveEco 15L or 20L drums.</p> <ul style="margin-left:20px"> <li>Easy-to-use</li> <li>Clear/white plastic material</li> <li>Suits 20mm bungs</li> <li>Made in Australia</li> </ul>

PS Biological Part Washers

<p>Purasolve Biological Parts Washers are designed to be perfectly safe for the user &amp; the environment, having no toxic vapour or risk of fire or explosion.</p>

PS Bitumen Remover


<p>Purasolve Bitumen Remover is an easy to apply, safe solvent specially formulated to break down and remove bitumen.</p>

PS Brake Cleaner


<p>Purasolve Brake Cleaner is an ultra-safe, residue-free cleaning solvent for brakes and other technical applications developed to replace highly toxic &amp; explosive brake cleaners.</p>

PS CGA Remover


<p>Extreme performance without the risks. Purasolve CGA is a safe, sustainable and effective substitute for dangerous solvents. It is great for the removal of carbon,gum and adhesive from equipment.</p>

PS EverSafe


<p>Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser &ndash; 750mL Aluminium Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle. Purasolve Eversafe is a rechargeable aerosol spray system capable of atomising a wide range of chemicals and solvents.</p>

PS Filter Kit


<p><strong>Designed to reduce waste disposal costs</strong></p> <p>The&nbsp;<strong>Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit&nbsp;</strong>has a multi-stage filtration&nbsp;and&nbsp;is designed especially for recycling&nbsp;<strong>Purasolve</strong>&nbsp;solvents for reuse.</p>

PS Flushing Rigs

<p><strong>Flushing Rigs:</strong><br /> Large volumes of contaminants in your system can cause blockages &amp; become troublesome, requiring flushing &amp; cleaning.<br /> Envirofluid can design &amp; fabricate custom flushing &amp; filtration rigs to suit your unique applications.</p>

PS Graffiti Remover


<p>Purasolve Graffiti Remover is an easy to use safety solvent for fast graffiti removal from smooth surfaces.</p>

PS HP High Pressure Parts Washers


<p>The&nbsp;<b>Purasolve HP Parts Washer</b>&nbsp;is a high pressure cleaner available in two sizes: HP180 &amp; HP200. It is ideal for cleaning parts quickly &amp; efficiently without the need for dangerous solvents. The unit is designed with ease of use, power savings, time savings, &amp; overall cost-effectiveness in mind.</p> <p>Built to an ergonomic working height &amp; fitted with flexible neoprene gloves to keep the operator&rsquo;s hands clean &amp; out of the cleaning solution, it provides the ultimate operator comfort. The operator simply slips his hands into the gloves &amp; directs the cleaning fluid stream at the parts.</p> <p>The spray nozzle is adjustable &amp; can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream &amp; directed where the cleaning is needed. A separate air nozzle is provided to blow dry cleaned parts.</p>

PS Paint Equipment Cleaner


<p>Purasolve Paint Equipment Cleaner is a unique but powerful cleaning compound, that replaces MEK, Toluene blends, Acetone, Xylene and other dangerous solvents for resin and paint equipment clean-up.</p>


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