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Triple7 (T7) & Purasolve (PS) range of high performance, non-toxic worksafe; descalers, degreasers & odour control chemistries protect your personnel & your assets by extending equipment life, decreasing whole life costs & providing healthier working conditions.


  • T7 organic surfactant-based products give exceptional surface cleaning without any of the toxic substances found in common cleaning chemicals. These powerful non-toxic solutions are made from renewable resources which protect the cleaning surface & are suitable for use in confined spaces. The products have no special handling or storage requirements.
  • T7 solutions enhance system performance, enable easier maintenance & extend equipment life, while decreasing through-life costs & providing healthier working conditions.
  • T7’s unique formulations can offer the Defence Forces significant savings on maintenance costs & extend the usable life of all surface materials.
  • MRO  - Our MAK Chem & PS range of Speciality Degreasers & cleaners

Triple7 & Purasolve high performance, non-toxic, substitution chemicals provide complete solutions to specialised cleaning requirements within many areas of the Ministry of Defence.


Envirofluid (CAGE Z02N8) is the manufacturer of the Triple7 products &a Panel Member of MRO Standing Offer Panel (SON) 404267, Supplier to Defence.


Our Focus Applications Summary:


  • Descaling - Limescale & calcium
  • Heat Exchangers & Sewage Treatment
  • Deodorising
  • Metal Passivation
  • Water Treatment - disinfection, potable (drinking water) treatment
  • Surface Preperation
  • Carbon Removal
  • Rust Treatment
  • Bearing & Precision Component Cleaning & Preperation




Airforce & Aerospace


Army & Land (Maintenance & supplies)


Navy & Maritime


NSN Codes


Our Top 10 Deliverables & Benefits

  1. Chemical Substitution The greatest value we can deliver is by removing all hazardous Solvents & harmful chemicals from site & replacing them with highly effective bio-based alternatives.
  2. Work Pack Development - The savings are in the process as well as the application! T&T Eco both adds value & achieves efficiencies through the reduction of Total Cost (throughout use)
  3. Safety First - Reduced WHS Issues & PPE Requirements. Removing the hazards, the special handling, storage, the multiple sources, different pack types, the dangers to site & the health risk to users.
  4. Keeping assets “online” In-situ treatments & reducing subsequent delays that are typical & necessary while handling hazardous goods such as flushing through acids & solvents.
  5. Less Storage & Handling Issues- Saving space required to facilitate the use of too many products & variants.
  6. Reduces Waste Generation
  7. Lower Disposal Costs
  8. Enhanced Environmentally Responsible Compliance
  9. Reduced Inventory & Rationalisation of lower value suppliers & their product lines - Move to highly concentrated, dilutable, high functioning solutions that are suitable to be used across multiple applications enabling our customer (& the MOD) to benefit from Economies of Scale.
  10. Rationalisation of Consumables carried, used & disposed of on-board has a considerable impact on both immediate efficiencies within inventory management & safety but also in reducing sustainment costs downstream.
  • The integration of Six Sigma’s Lean Principles (sort, set, shine, standardise & sustain) are the key to gaining efficiencies. We are currently working across defence in support of the AOR program.

  • Site review to propose a simple list encompassing a number of daily essential consumables that can minimise on-board stock holdings & reduce sustainment costs. (see table below)




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MAK Belt Protek


<p>A synthetic rubber compound for cold repairs to conveyor belts.<br /> <br /> A solution that allows you to quickly return equipment back into service within one hour. It is designed to repair a wide range of damaged rubber surfaces by keeping the same original physical characteristics of flexibility, adhesion and load resistance of the conveyor belt. Suitable for any conveyor belt made of natural rubber.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>DESCALER &amp; RESTORATION FLUID</p> <p>An extremely effective &amp; cost efficient acid based cleaner designed to remove calcium deposits, limescale, concrete and cement spatters from all acid-resistant surfaces.Very economical in use &ndash; can be mixed with water for most applications, does not change its characteristics, even under temperature variations and works quickly. At a dilution of 1:5 &amp; above it perfectly breaks the bond between the surface and calcium or lime scale deposits on ceramic tiles or other sanitary products. Due to its surfactant composition it reduces the time required to remove mortar, cement and grout residues.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>PAINT/GRAFFITI REMOVER</p> <p>A professional aerosol product designed for removing old and unwanted paint on non-absorbant materials. Perfectly removes graffiti on buildings, traffic signs and painted surfaces.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER/CLEANER</p> <p>MAK FOX leaves no residue, is completely biodegradable as well as water-dilutable to 1:100 mix ratio. An excellent product for the transition to industry 4.0 as totally safe for operators, the environment and all delicate surfaces and fabrics. It also has impressive wetting capabilities that make it suitable for every industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls &amp; offices etc.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>MAK MAX prevents the formation of greasy and oily deposits, breaking the bonds between dirt and grease molecules. The resulting substances are converted into a chemical emulsion which is completely removed by wiping or rinsing.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>

MAK Moisture Expel


<p>A professional aerosol product that effectively protects electrical and electronic components.<br /> <br /> MAK MOISTURE EXPEL provides protection against moisture, corrosion &amp; humidity for a wide variety of applications including electric motors, wiring, connectors, junction boxes, switches, tools and mechanical parts.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p><strong>EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER (NSF A1)</strong></p> <p>MAK REX is a water-based detergent that will also clean &amp; remove machining fluids and greases as well as being suitable for dissolving impurities on metallurgical material, preparing surfaces for painting &amp; disinfecting surfaces to kill viruses &amp; bacteria.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>An excellent and effective degreaser that evaporates very quickly &amp; is NSF K1 registered. It does not corrode or contain any toxic substances, but due to its special formulation is completely safe for metal, galvanised surfaces and plastic parts. An odourless product it is ideal for use in washing tables.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p>A powerful non-flammable solvent degreaser aerosol for workshops, car repair and maintenance departments. MAK SUPEREX is a multi-purpose solvent and cleaning agent which evaporates extremely quickly &amp; leaves no residue after use &ndash;<br /> the surface is totally clean &amp; dry.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>



<p><strong>ARC WELDING ANTI-SPATTER LIQUID</strong></p> <p>A Silicone-free anti-spatter liquid that is biodegradable and non-toxic.<br /> <br /> Suitable for both manual and automatic robotic welding applications. It is non-flammable and does not produce harmful fumes during welding; it only contains natural and ecological substances.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>

MICRODEX LXT NITRILE - Cut Level A Safety Glove


<p>TG1240 is a high performing 15gg cut level A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.</p> <p><strong><a class="btn btn-light" href=""><span style="color:#3e8124;">Read More.... </span></a></strong></p>