PE Spill Kits


Ultimate Protection for the environment with ProEarth ProClean Sorb Spill Kits. Kits contain & absorb all spills, including oils, chemicals, fuels & paint. No need for multiple spill solutions.

Our 25 litre vehicle spill kit contains everything you need to clear up spills of oils or chemicals. Kit includes 2kg bag of loose product an EcoSock, wipes, disposal bag & PPE.


ProEarth Spill Kits & Contents

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Applications & Benefits

  • It absorbs both hydrocarbons & chemicals
  • It absorbs bio-degradable oil which is also a contaminant
  • It adsorbs heavy metals
  • It is scientifically proven to be non-leaching
  • It is totally natural & sustainable
  • It is hydrophobic
  • It is more effective
  • It is better value


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