PS HP High Pressure Parts Washers

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The Purasolve HP Parts Washer is a high pressure cleaner available in two sizes: HP180 & HP200. It is ideal for cleaning parts quickly & efficiently without the need for dangerous solvents. The unit is designed with ease of use, power savings, time savings, & overall cost-effectiveness in mind.

Built to an ergonomic working height & fitted with flexible neoprene gloves to keep the operator’s hands clean & out of the cleaning solution, it provides the ultimate operator comfort. The operator simply slips his hands into the gloves & directs the cleaning fluid stream at the parts.

The spray nozzle is adjustable & can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream & directed where the cleaning is needed. A separate air nozzle is provided to blow dry cleaned parts.


Cost-Effective Parts Washer Cleaning Systems

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Benefits & Savings

The Purasolve HP units have fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet, adjustable nozzle, & a safe, convenient air-actuated on/off foot pedal which all help result in increased efficiency.

The fully enclosed cleaning process uses high-pressure jets of cleaning fluid to efficiently power-clean parts without using grit or abrasives which risk damage to precision machined parts.

The Purasolve HP Parts Washers are constructed from rugged AISI 430 Chromed Steel for longer life in heavy duty industrial applications.

It includes a thermostat that can be adjusted to 120 degrees Celsius, with a recommended temperature setting of 40-45 degrees Celsius for further power savings.

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